Turn Key GM LS & LT Engine Conversions

Our turn key LS/LT engine conversions are the ultimate way to give your classic 4x4 modern performance. The compact and powerful GM LS/LT engines paired with either an automatic or manual transmission provides increased efficiency, reliability and exceptional performance. 

Our conversions can provide all the power you'd ever need, whether your looking for the ability to cruise at 70mph comfortably, trail ride or make a Jeep fly we've got you covered. The various LS/LT Engines (4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2, 7.0) provide options for everyone and every build from 285-650hp in stock form. With the ability to upgrade to over 1200hp for the most extreme builds.

Their modern fuel injection gives you all the performance you need with increased efficiency compared to OEM carbureted engines. Our builds also support full OBII diagnostics for easy maintenance and servicing.  Builds can also be made 50 state emissions compliant if needed.

Our LS/ LT Swaps can be the finishing touch for your 4x4 or part of a larger build. We're excited to put together the perfect LS/LT Swap for your 4x4 project!

Email us today at: info@4x4fabworks.com