MagnaFlow XMOD Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System


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MagnaFlow xMOD Series Performance Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow xMOD Series performance exhaust systems offer unrivaled exhaust performance! These revolutionary, fully modular exhaust systems will allow you to easily personalize and fine-tune to the power and sound you want. They also offer the benefits that MagnaFlow premium exhaust is known for—lifetime warrantied stainless steel construction and dyno-proven performance featuring straight-through mufflers and fast-flowing mandrel bent pipes. Together with the xMOD modules and deletes that provide configurable flow and sound levels, your vehicle's exhaust moves to the next level with support for your present—and future—power needs. The power and sound is yours with MagnaFlow xMOD Series premium performance exhaust systems.

MagnaFlow xMOD Series features:

* xMOD muffler modules offer MagnaFlow's proven straight-through design and race-bred quick-release V-band clamps for quick installation and removal for when you want that race car sound, instead of the deep, aggressive signature MagnaFlow exhaust note
* xMOD xTreme deletes are equipped with the same quick-release V-band clamps allowing for the removal of the muffler modules for that xTreme sound experience. Use of the xTreme deletes is recommended for track use only.
* Opti-Flow modules feature a fast-flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel design optimized for stock power, plus minor modifications
* xTreme Flow modules feature increased flow capacity mandrel-bent big bore design for big power modification support

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