Teraflex JK Single-Rate ST Front Sway Bar System (4-6" Lift)


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The TeraFlex Single Rate ST (Street & Trail) Front Sway Bar System is the most advanced manual sway bar disconnect system available. The Easy Engagement Knob allows you to go from street to trail in seconds! A simplified version of our Dual-Rate ST Front Sway Bar System (# 1753725) the Single-Rate ST Front Sway Bar System features a heavy-duty Street" torsion bar for superior highway handling. The forged sway bar arms feature several link mounting points to fine tune the torsion rate. Simply twist the knob to disengage the Street" sway bar for unrestricted off-road articulation; then simply twist the knob again to re-engage the street sway bar for the highway!

• Provides more resistance than factory sway bar for superior highway handling and control

• 35-spline/heat-treated 4130 chromoly Trail-Tuned Internal Sway Bar

• Provides the perfect amount of resistance and stability during side hill and off-camber to maintain vehicle control

• 22-spline/heat-treated 4340 chromoly steel Internal Bushing Eliminates Wear

• Internal bushing allows both sway bars to rotate independently in trail setting

• Eliminates play to maintain tight working tolerances Forged High-Clearance Arm

• Allows maximum wheel travel during articulation, eliminates tire/sway bar interference, and increases overall strength – especially side loading Easy Engagement Knob

• Ergonomically designed knob

• Go quickly from street to trail and back

• Twist clockwise for trail use and counterclockwise for street use