Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please contact us at 

Thank you for considering 4x4 Fabworks for your build

General FAQ

Q: Do you install the products you sell online and instore?

Yes, we offer installation services for every product we sell or make and even some products we don’t sell like Carli Suspension.


Q: Do you do LS or LT engine swaps?

Yes, we can do full turnkey GM LS/LT engine conversions into a wide variety of 4x4’s.  Most conversions start around $13,000 and go up from there depending on options and the vehicle its going in.


Q: Do you do Hemi Swaps?

Yes, we do offer hemi swaps but only for Wranglers at this time.


Q: Do you do 4x4 conversions?

Yes, we can contact us today to discuss your project.


Q: Do you install Parts or Brands that you don’t offer?

Yes, we are happy to install high quality parts from brands we do not yet carry such as Carli Suspension, Metalcloak and many others, contact us if you have a specific part or brand in mind?


Q: Are there parts or brands you won’t install?

Our belief that all upgrades and modification should improve the vehicle means that sometimes we may refuse to install parts or products that we believe will degrade vehicle performance or may make a vehicle unsafe or unreliable.


Q: Do you work on all 4x4’s?

For the most part yes, we work on all 4x4’s, however we are at our best when working on Jeeps, Land Rover Defenders, Raptors, TRX’s and most pickup’s.


Q: Do you work on things that aren’t 4x4’s, like muscle cars, imports etc?

To provide you with the best service possible we try to keep to focusing on 4x4’s even though were gear heads and love most anything automotive.


Restomod FAQ

Q: What is a restomod?

Our restomods combine the best of old and new. Every build is a unique bespoke creation built to meet the needs and wants of a specific customer. They can range from lightly updated with modern conveniences to full custom builds utilizing the best parts available.  Contact us to discus your build.


Q: Whats different about a 4x4 Fabworks restomod?

We feel an increasing number of restomods from other builders are what we’d call bolt on restomods. Meaning they’re simply an assembly of readily available one size parts assembled into a cool 4x4.  Instead, our restomods are designed from the ground up to fit a specific purpose or goal, to achieve this we design and manufacture critical components such as engine mounts, transmission mounts, exhaust headers and any other parts we need to achieve the fit, function and performance desired.


Q: What kind of restomods do you build?

Our most popular and frequent restomods are build from Jeep CJ’s, Land Rover Defenders and classic full size GM Trucks and 4x4’s.


Q: How much do your restomods typically cost?

Due to the wide range of custom options available our restomods have a very wide price range. Most start from $50k when you provide the donor vehicle to $80k if we source the donor.


Q: Can you make a restomod out of the classic 4x4 I already have?

Yes, while we prefer to source the vehicle to help get you the best possible foundation for your build we can work with a classic 4x4 you already own.


Q: Do your restomods use all new parts or can you reuse and rebuild my existing parts?

It’s up to the customer, we can repair, restore, and reuse as many original parts and components as the buyer would like. Alternatively for some classic 4x4’s such as Jeep CJ’s we can build a 100% new vehicle if you prefer or anywhere in between.


Jeep FAQ

Q: Do you offer alignments for Jeeps (including long arm kits)?

Yes, we offer complete 4-wheel alignments for all 4x4’s.  Our technicians have lots of experience dealing with fully adjustable suspensions and can dial in your Jeeps Caster and pinion angles for the best handling possible with no driveline vibrations.


Q: Do you offer custom wrangler driveshafts?

Yes, depending on the Jeep we offer custom driveshafts from Tom Woods or Adams Driveshaft. 


Q: I already have a lift on my Jeep, but it drives really badly, do I need a new lift or can you fix it?

Every Jeep is unique, but generally bad handling Wranglers suffer from worn parts and or poor suspension geometry. In most cases our technicians can pinpoint the source of your issues and replace only the parts required to address the issues. Contact us to schedule a diagnosis for your handling issues.


Q: Can you fix my death wobble?

Yes, our technicians are uniquely qualified to find the root cause of your death wobble and eliminate it using only the parts, repairs or adjustments required. We don’t ever just throw parts at problems.


Raptor FAQ

Q: Do you offer Raptor shock rebuilding

Yes, we can completely rebuild your Gen 1 or Gen 2 (Non Livevalve) shocks using genuine Fox seal kits and Fox oil.  Gen 2 & 3 Livevalve rebuilds should be available starting late 2022.


Q: Do I have to remove my own shocks for you to rebuild them?

No, we can remove and reinstall your shocks from your Raptor for an additional cost if you do not want to do your own R&R.


Q: Do you offer Raptor shock rebuilding via mail/UPS?

No sorry, not currently.


Q: Can you install leveling springs while rebuilding my shocks?

Yes, we can perform a wide range of upgrades and services while your Raptor is in our shop for a shock rebuild.



Online Store FAQ

Q: Do you offer instore pickup?

Yes, everything we sell can be picked up instore for free to help you save on shipping charges.


Q: When will my product ship?

Most orders are shipped within 1-3 business day, longer lead times for certain products will be listed on those product pages.  If we unexpectedly sell out of a product you will be notified within 24hrs after placing your order.


Q: How will my products ship?

Most orders shipped from our shop or our supplier warehouses ship via UPS, Fedex or USPS depending on the vendor.


Q: What is your return policy?

Defective or Missing Items: If you receive a defective item, the wrong item or the wrong quantity, please contact us immediately by phone at 507.514.0495 or by email to All claims must be made within 5 business days of order delivery.

Returns: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and have your original receipt or packing slip, we will gladly issue a refund within 30 days of the purchase. All items must be in new, unused condition and be in the original packaging complete with all parts, hardware and manufacturer documentation to be eligible to receive full credit. All damaged items will incur a restocking fee up to 100% regardless of refund method, no exceptions. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization via RA # which must be included with your returned merchandise. 

To Obtain a RA # email us at: please include your name, order #, part description and reason for return in your email. 

4x4 Fabworks will NOT accept or authorize returns of the following types of items:

  • Gift Cards
  • Electrical equipment and accessories
  • Custom or personalized items
  • Special order items not usually stocked, such as wheels or tires
  • Used items that have been 'dry-fit', 'mocked-up' or 'test-fit' and cannot be re-sold as new items.

Warranty Items: All items sold by 4x4 Fabworks are subject to original manufacturer’s warranty, 4x4 Fabworks makes no guarantees outside of the original manufacturer’s warranty. 4x4 Fabworks does not offer warranty replacements on defective or broken items. If you have a defective item that is currently under warranty, please contact us at 507.514.0495 for assistance. We will do our best to assist you with contacting the products manufacturer. Replacement or refund ultimately lies in their discretion.

If you have other questions, please send them to